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The race track is not always about competition. Join us at Utah Motorsports Campus to enjoy gentlemen track days geared more towards the camaraderie of the experience. 

Membership includes a one-on-one introduction to track driving with a professional instructor to ensure the safety of your car and make sure you're getting the most out of the experience.

The Race Track: Quote

Circuit Club Membership

2024 Track Season

The Race Track: Features
Race Tracks

Single Day


5 Track Days

$3000 (600/each)

10 Track Days

$4500 (450/each)

Automotive Addiction and Utah Motorsports have joined in a co-marketing venture for the purpose of creatign a unique non-competitive program at Utah Motorsports Campus. Automotive Addiction and Utah Motorsports Campus are unaffiliated entities. Automotive Addiction does not own or run any part of Utah Motorsports Campus. Automotive Addiction does not have the authority to determine anything on behalf of UMC. At UMCs sole descretion, individuals may be banned from participating or the property.

The Race Track: Video

Circuit Club

Track Days focused on the experience and camaraderie of supercar ownership.

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